About Us

Sifu Jerome Aranas

Sifu Aranas started his Wing Chun training at the age of 18 under the guidance of Sifu Gordon. Through hard work and dedications he did not missed a single class on the first three years of his training and quickly advanced to assist teaching at the Wing Chun Academy. Sifu Gordon provided him all the tools and experienced by joining competitions in Toronto and Montreal. Also private gathering and seminars with other Wing Chun practitioners. Further along this path  leads him to Master Ho Kam Ming. After Sifu Gordon's retirement Sifu Aranas was honored to take over the club and was fortunate to refined his Wing Chun under the guidance of Master Ho in Toronto before his official retirement.

Wing Chun System

  Wing Chun is one of the most sophisticated style of traditional of Gung Fu derive from Southern China. Consist of three hand forms, a wooden dummy and two major weapons in the art of fighting (knife and long pole). The fundamentals teach the practitioner to clear the mind and free from all distractions so the body can nurture the discipline of structure and control. Wing Chun can be used in short range or long range even ground work it will all depend on the level and experienced attained by the practitioner. In the modern world many martial artist retained the traditional way as it was taught by their masters.  The respect and discipline of the student to teacher must earned equally on both ways.          

Our Group

We are mainly professionals and mature practitioners. The class focuses on individual development. Level of training could vary from beginner to advance depending on experienced and natural ability. Any political discussions are left out side the class and only work on instructions provided by Sifu. Most important of all it has to be enjoyable even though sometimes training could be a challenge to achieve a better you.